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How to create a contactless law office?

March 9, 2021 in Marketing

How to create a contactless law office?

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. All people are advised to wear masks and socially distance. As a lawyer, it is challenging to keep your business open and serve your clients.

A solution to this is to use WikiPro to create contactless law offices overnight.


For a legal document or retainer agreement that requires a signature, lawyers can simply use the WikiPro E-sign module to send a link to clients’ mobile phone. In no time, the document will be signed. WikiPro E-sign is secure and convenient. The signature link can be sent via text, email, or both. There is no need to pay another system such as DocuSign to get documents signed. WikiPro’s E-sign feature is included in all pricing plans without extra charge.

Two Way Texting

Clients love texting. Why waste time chasing clients down when they don’t answer the phone or open their email? With WikiPro, your office business phone can text other people. You’ll be able to send your client a text, and your client can send you a text. Your staff can see the text message in a shared inbox. As business owner, you can decide which staff has the permission to client messages.

Law firms can implement a text chat widget in the website to get clients. Clients enter their mobile phone to text the law firm. Even if they close the web browser, lawyers can still send text messages back.

Additionally, you can exchange images and documents. Everything is organized by our folder structure, with each client having its own folder. Our full text search gives lawyers the ability to search chat history.

Video Chat

Need to see face to face? Simply click the “Video chat” button and you can immediately chat face to face with your client. You do not want to use your personal iphone to do facetime as you want to keep business separate from personal. This is better than other alternatives as your clients do not need to install or open an App. They can efficiently join your legal video consultation by clicking a link in the mobile phone text message.

Due to the global pandemic, people are reluctant to visit your office, but still need to see your face. The WikiPro video chat option provides a contactless way to take care of your clients.

Automatic SMS Appointment Reminder

Have an appointment? The SMS auto appointment is a handy tool for that. It fixes the issue of clients not showing up by sending an automated appointment reminder to your clients. There is no need to hire an assistant to remind clients if a computer program can do this automatically.

There are a multitude of other products that WikiPro has that can help attorneys rank higher with our review management module and get paid quicker with our text to pay system.

Text us at 626-243-2796 for a free demo. Or visit to sign up a free trial.

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