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to customers

Capture leads directly from your website and convert them via the convenience of text messaging.

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Quickly capture leads

You spend a lot to attract visitors to your website. Do not waste the money. Our WikiChat widget can be easily installed in your website (it is just copy N paste). Customer leaves the name, and phone number. You can text her/him to the mobile phone and keep the conversation going.

Staff Team

Live Chat

Better than live chat.

Live chat has a limitation, when the customer drops off the browser and that’s the end of story. WikiChat keeps customer information and use text messaging. So you can always get on hold of the customer.


Instant notification

You are notified instantly for customer inquiries. Whether it is a question, an appointment, a new sale, you are always on top of it.


You can use either a web browser or the mobile App to text customers, any where, any time.