WikiPro business texting and instant messaging features help you reach customers faster

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Use business landline to send text

Business texting with non-app customers

Landline texting: WikiPro enables the existing landline number for SMS texting. Separate  personal cellphone from business for better convenience and security.
Shared Inbox: Share messages across a team and reply with a shared inbox.
Private comment: Make quicker decisions with in-line discussions within customer messages.

Instant messaging with the free WikiPro Mobile App

  1. Instant chat

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    WikiPro provides instant chat which will speed up your communication with clients and help you boost your business.

  2. File sharing

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    We provide secure and fast cloud storage so that you can share important files with clients easily and securely.

  3. E-Signature

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    We know your schedule is busy so why not get all the important documents signed digitally without wasting your time.
    And, it is secure too.

  4. Video Chat

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    Communicate with your clients from wherever you are. Just schedule a video call and get your work done.

  5. Private Comment

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    Add private comments to internal team members in chat messages by @ mentioning them. Private comment is useful for team to clarify, guide on client communication without leaving the original chat context. Private comment is invisible for external clients.

  6. Read receipt

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    For any message that you send, you’ll be able to see a message info screen, displaying the details of when your message was delivered and read.

Client Features

Instant Messaging

ios/Android App
All the WikiPro features on your mobile. Receive and message professionals instantly.

Business Texting

No App Install
Text to the same business office landline number with no App installed.

Voice Messages

Accurate and Efficient
Send long messages through the voice, saving time typing and reading lengthy paragraphs.

Account Management

Control and Flexibilty
Notified instantly, so you never miss another message with your clients again.

Video Consultation

Direct and Simple
Provide personal consultation and talks with professionals in the comfort of your home.

Free App

Free App
Mobile App is free.
Download App now.

Professional Features

Instant Messaging

Quick communication
Contact your client immediately.

File Sharing

Simple & Secure
Encrypted and Cloud-Storage for easy collaboration.

Remote E-signature

Close Contracts Faster
Save time, reduce signing mistakes, secure contracts.

Client Notification

Increase User Engagement
Notified instantly, so you never miss another message with your clients again.

Secured Cloud Storage

Secured and Encrypted
Military-grade security such as 2FA and SSO, ensuring the safety of your data.

Automated Sync

Local storage
Your data can be downloaded to your local computer.

Simple User Interface

User Friendly
Easy-to-use functionalities and user interface to improve business workflow.

Workspace Messaging

Dedicated Channel
Personal messaging groups designed for internal communications, ensuring all employees are on the right page.

Free Trial

Free plan
No Commitment.
Try WikiPro For Free Today.