Omnichannel Messaging Platform

Be where your customers are.
Two way messaging with SMS, Email, Google my business messaging or Facebook messenger.

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Unified Inbox

What is Omnichannel messaging solution?

Omnichannel, omni-channel, omni channel. These are a few different spellings. You need to understand what it means for your business.

WikiPro is a next-generation messaging platform that empower you to build interactive experiences for conversational business. Your customers are at your center of attention. They can pick a favorite channel for a quick conversation.

We know that SMS is the #1 preferred channel. It is the most effective to reach your customers. However, your customers may find you in different places.

Giving your customers access to use more than one of these channels is called as multichannel messaging. You’ll have to log into different systems to respond to each message channel.

With Ominichannel messaging platform, you can log into just one system to respond to all channels. The user interface is unified across different messaging channels.


Benefits of Omnichannel

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Customer central

Be where your customers are. Put your customer on the driver seat of your customer service. They may prefer SMS, but want to contact with other channel time to time.

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Unified experience

Unify messages from each channel into a single conversation. All of your communication channel have a similar user experience.

Shared Inbox

Centralize all your incoming customer messages in a shared inbox and manage all conversations in one place.

What business types should use Omnichannel messaging?

Any type of businesses can use Omnichannel messaging, this is especially the case for business professionals such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, real estate agents, mortgage brokers etc.

Omni-channel messaging can improve your customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversions. You no longer need to look at many different channels for your customer queries. Plus, when all information is at one center place, you get a better picture of your customer questions and you can serve them better.

Everyone enjoys a conversation. You can turn the conversation to online reviews, appointments, e-sign documents, share files, close deals, and repeat businesses - all within a shared inbox.

Omnichannel messaging for customer support

When customers have questions and send an inquiry with a channel. The questions need to be answered quickly using the same channel.

Omni channel messaging for retail

Follow up on in store purchases with messaged feedback requests.

Omni-channel messaging for marketing

You can send promotion messages to Omnichannel to show case your products or services.