Texting for
Legal Team

Texting for legal appointments, case management and SMS marketing

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Improve client communication

WikiPro can enable legal office landline to send and receive text messages. Separate personal cellphone from business for better convenience and security.

Send scheduled message to confirm appointments, document requests, and court dates with clients.

Staff Team

Team Management

Better communication for legal staff team

Our system creates one conversation per client and authorized staff can access the conversation. Share messages across a team and reply with a shared inbox. Attorneys, paralegals, and assistants can create personalized signature when reply the message.

Make quicker decisions with in-line discussions within client conversation.

E- Signature

Get document signed quicker

Our digital signature interface makes it easy for you to get your documents signed without any hassle.And its even easier to sign a document ,it just needs a click. WikiPro also meets high security standards so you do not need to worry about your important documents.

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Task Management


Task Management

See and organize everything, and keep work on track.

Task can be created in the chat context with your clients. So you never miss an important client task and task can be referenced back to the original conversation.

Prioritize and discuss your team’s work in full context with complete visibility. Tasks can also be easily edited from the task management section, if needed.