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WikiPro Zapier Integration
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Convert website visits to customers

Copy N Paste widget code: copy N paste the chat widget into your web site. The code can be obtained from "Settings" -> "Company Settings", click "Get Chat Widget". Place this script just before the </body> on your website. The code looks like something below:

var webchat_script = document.createElement("script"); webchat_script.type = "text/javascript"; webchat_script.setAttribute('heading-text','We"ll text you'); webchat_script.setAttribute('email-allowed', 1); webchat_script.setAttribute('info-text','Enter your information, our team will text you shortly.'); webchat_script.setAttribute('dev','false'); webchat_script.setAttribute('src','' + (new Date()).getTime()); webchat_script.setAttribute('webchat-id','your-id'); document.body.appendChild(webchat_script);

Customize: Change the heading text, info text or turn off email input.

a) Change heading-text. Use webchat_script.setAttribute('heading-text','We"ll text you change');
b) Change info-text. webchat_script.setAttribute('info-text','Enter your information, our team will text you shortly change.');
c) Turn on/off email.
Turn on email input: webchat_script.setAttribute('email-allowed', 1);
Turn off email input: webchat_script.setAttribute('email-allowed', 0);


Connect with thousands of Apps using WikiPro on Zapier

Zapier allows you to instantly connect WikiPro with 2,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

How it works:

  • Sign up Zapier account
  • Pick WikiPro
  • Pick your other App
  • Create a Zap


New or Update Customer. Triggers when a new customer is either added or updated.


Create or Update Customer. Add a new customer to WikiPro or update an existing one.

Send Template SMS. Sends a text message based on predefined template.

Update List. Adds or removes customers from a list.

Send SMS. Sends text SMS to the provided phone number

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