Tax filing , Payroll ,Bookkeeping Module

The accounting modules can save accountant or CPA time, improve the efficiency and increase clients' satisfaction. WikiPro is free to try and you will get the benefits instantly.

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Tax filing Module

WikPro has individual tax filing module which streamlines the tax filing process:
1. Client uses WikiPro App to send tax filing messages
2. Client shares files with accountant via Apps
3. Accountant responds in real time chat
4.Client can e-sign document using WikiPro App
5.WikPro has built in Efile system to keep track of tax filing workflow

Payroll module

Small business owners usually need external accountants to take care of the payroll of the business. However, it is complicated to get payroll information to accountant. Employees come and go. Employees' working hours are constantly changing. Salary, bonus and tip etc are different at each pay period. WikiPro solves these pain points by allowing business owner to enter this information via a mobile App. Accountant can get the information in real time. At end of each payroll, business owner can get the final payroll in WikiPro App.
1. Business owner uses WikiPro App to manage employees
2. Business owner enters employee payroll per pay period in App
3. Accountant gets the information in real time and work on payroll
4. Accountant completes payroll and send payroll document back to client App
5. Payroll history is tracked in App.

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Bookkeeping Module

As an accountant, you know how hard to classify certain bookkeeping transactions. The Bookkeeping module enables business owner to enter the information via App. The accountant gets the information in real time.
1. Accountant send bookkeeping classification request to business owner
2. Business owner enters bookkeeping classification in App
3. Accountant receives the information and finishes the bookkeeping