Video chat with your customers via text

Chat face to face without App installation

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Video Chat

Quick & Easy

Face to face video chat

Texting is the #1 communication tool. You can chat face to face with your customers by sending a text.

It is simple, you send a text. Your customers click the link in the text message to join your video conference. There is no need to install or download any App. It is quick and easy!

Video chat is useful for Telehealth, Field services, Expert services and consulting, Workplace collaboration and hiring. Build customer relationships with WikiPro video chat and texting service.

Staff Team


Move quickly between text and video.

No need to learn new software. Any one can use it. Your employees and customers have zero learning curve. During a texting conversation, employees and customers can easily hop on a face to face video call.

Have virtual appointment with your customers without personal meet. Use your mobile device to flip back and forth between selfie and regular modes.

Share your computer screen with customers, allowing customers to see your desktop screen for online demo. View screen from any device with a browser, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones without installing any software.

Personal and Safe

Video chat is popular during this pandemic. People sometimes prefers face to face chat, without direct contact.


There is no need to install and download an app. Anyone can send a text.

Close deal quicker

Share your video, mute or unmute your microphone.


Why should I use video chat for my business?

Well, people are social and like to face to face chat.

A picture is a thousand words. A video chat is a thousand times more than a picture. Face to face chat is valuable. It would be great for you to take care of certain topics during a face to face video chat. Certainly you can charge top dollar for video consultation.

How is WikiPro video chat different?

WikiPro is an All-in-one business texting platform. Video chat is one of the features. It is different as you do not need to pay another video service provider.

It is different as you and your customers do not have install another App.

It is different as you can have a conversation with your customers and switch to video chat quickly.

I can use facetime. Why another video chat?

You can do facetime. But this requires your personal cell phone to be known by your clients. With WikiPro, you can have multiple party video chat without giving out your personal mobile phone.

How to use it?

Wikipro Video chat does not need an app install. It is simple to use. Once you log in dashboard, click the video chat button in your customers chat title. Our system sends a link to customers via text message. Customers can click on the link to join the meeting room.

How much does it cost?

Video chat is included in our monthly plan. You need to be in standard plan and above to use the feature.

What browsers do you support?

Video chat is supported in the following web browsers: Safari in Iphone, Chrome and Firefox in Android device. Chrome, Firefox in Windows. Chrome, Firefox and Safari in MacOS. Chrome, Firefox in Linux. Please note it does not work in Chrome in Iphone. Safari is the default browser in Iphone, so this is not really an issue.