Team Chat

Stay in touch with your team members using instant messaging.

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Video Chat

Texting features that you cannot ignore.

  1. 1
    Team Chat

    Teamchat allows you to communicate with your team members in the same platform you use to message your customers and leads.

  2. 2
    Group Chat

    Organize your team members into groups for seamless communication.

  3. 3
    Direct Chat

    Direct chat is perfect for quick one-to-one conversations and urgent matters. You can easily search your chat history to find important information from past conversations.


Create a Channel

Channels work best when organized around a specific topic such as #marketing. Create a channel for each project or team to keep conversations focused and easy to find.

Members can easily join or leave channels as needed. Group chat allows team members to ask questions, share updates, and brainstorm ideas together in real-time.


Team Member Online Presence

See who is available and online for communication. This feature lets you know when your team members are online and available to chat. You can quickly start a conversation or join an ongoing one.

Team Member Typing Indicator

Know when a team member is actively typing a message. This feature lets you know when someone is actively typing a message, so you can expect a response soon. This helps to reduce misunderstandings and improve communication efficiency.

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