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Send automated and frictionless surveys in a text conversation. Use real time insights to uncover trends and boost your customer experience.

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Wikipro SMS Surveys

Text Message Surveys

Make it conversational

When you send a conversational survey to your customers, you are more likely to get a response.
Everything in WikiPro runs in our All-in-one business texting platform. SMS survey is no exception.
During a text conversation, you send out a survey. Your customer replies to it with a 0 to 10 rating.
After that, the system takes care of the conversation automatically.
Ask the right survey at the right time. See response in real time. That’s the power of WikiPro Survey.


Surveys Dashboard

Act on insights

Turn feedback into an improved customer experience for them and see the growth drive in. WikiPro provides you real time insights on the survey respones, which allows you to act fast on the customer feedback.