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Google and Facebook Reviews

The best time to request an online review is right after delivering an awesome product or experience to your clients.
The best way to request a review is through a real time text message.
WikiPro lets your customers complete a Facebook and Google review within 30 seconds right on their mobile devices.
Online user review is the best way to build trust and generate more sales to your business. Start using WikiPro's "Text-to-Review" feature today. It is simple: You send a text, your customer leaves a review. The more reviews, the more businesses for you.

How WikPro "Text-to-Review" works?

Review Dashboard
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    Text a request to review directly to your client

    Send text using your business phone number using WikiPro's Business Texting solution.

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    WikiPro provides a link for customers to leaves their reviews

    Whether it's Facebook, Google or Yelp reviews, it takes seconds for customers to leave a review right through their phones.

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    WikiPro's online reviews dashboard has you in control

    Review and reply to Google & Facebook reviews right in the WikiPro's online review dashboard.

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Boost Your Local SEO

Search engine optimization for your local business

For local business, it is very important to rank high in Google my business or Facebook pages. The higher your ranking in search engine, the more businesses you'll get.

With WikiPro, you can generate tons of great online reviews. Reviews are one of the most important factors for the search engine to rank a business listing.

WikiPro review widget allows you to embedded your online review content into your website to further optimize your local SEO. Copy and paste the review widget code in WikiPro dashboard to your web site for the review content integration.


WikiPro drives more timely reviews, today!

The value of timely and positive customer review is the life blood of businesses, big or small. Customers often forget to leave a positive review because of their busy lives. Reminder emails or in app notifications are not working because the customers have already move on in their busy lives.

Timeliness of the review request is key and it must be done right after a successful service is delivered. Using WikiPro's "Text-to-Review" feature, small businesses can quickly text a request and have their customers complete a review right in the context of a text conversation.

The text you and your customers shared right before the review link serves as a reminder of the awesome service you've just delivered. WikiPro's "Text-to-Review" feature helps you to get timely reviews every time. Start your 14 day trial with us today.

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Why should I use Text to Reviews for my business?

Your online reputation matters. Studies have shown that the best time to ask and get customer reviews is right after a successful service was completed and delivered.
The critical time of asking for a review is short and WikiPro gives you the best change to capture your customer's attention. Making it easy for your clients to leave a Google and Facebook review is our goal.
With WikiPro, you can request a review through a text message and customer can leave a review right through a text message.
It's easy, timely and our "Text to Review" feature makes it easy for your customer to leave a review quickly and at the right time.

Why should I care about reviews?

One of the best ways to get your business more visible on search engines is reviews. The biggest differentiation of your business versus your competitors is also online reviews. Most businesses deliver great services but fail to gather reviews from their customers. One of the biggest reasons why they can't get reviews is not because the customers don't want to leave a great review, it's often because they don't know how to leave a review and most importantly they don't have an easy way to leave a review.
WikiPro's "Text to Review" feature makes it easy for customers to leave a review right after a service is rendered. Making the reviews more memorable and more accurate.

Can you leave reviews beyond Google and Facebook?

Yes, you can leave reviews in any other websites such as Yelp, CitySearch, We have deep integration with Google and Facebook where reviews can be managed and responded in WikiPro without logging into Google and Facebook. Our enterprise plan can deal with multiple business locations so you can manage all of your reviews with one login. Try WikiPro's "Text to Review" feature for free.

When is the best time to ask for reviews?

Studies have shown that the best time to request a review is right after the service is delivered. Customers remembers the interaction most vividly and the reviews are almost always positive. You want to capture their attention by texting them a link to leave a review right there and then to maximized your chances to capture a review. WikiPro's "Text to Review" function does just that, it sends a text message with a URL for customers to leave a review right there on the mobile device within seconds. Try WikiPro today, free for 14 days!