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Send SMS payment request and get paid instantly!

14 days free trial, no credit card required

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Make everyday a Payday.

WikiPro solved the last mile issue with mobile invoicing. Collecting invoice payments is perhaps the most difficult and time consuming part of a business's day to day operations. WikiPro's "Text to Pay" feature makes it easy and puts the payment link directly into a text message.
Sending invoices through email, snail mail gets lost and customers rarely checks emails during their business lives. A text message and the ability to input their payment method right through a text message is fast, easy and secure. Get paid instantly through WikiPro's "Text to Pay" feature.
WikiPro SMS Payment can process all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Google Pay, App Pay, Bank transfer (Automated Clearing House, ACH) are also supported.
Your bank information or customers credit card information does not store in our server and we are in PCI compliance.

WikiPro's "Text to Pay" is simple to use.

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    Send invoices by texting.

    Request a payment through another text message right in your two way texting conversation. It's easy, personal and natural.

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    Payments can be made anywhere, anytime.

    Customers no longer have to search email inboxes or snail mail. They can pay right through a text message. All major credit cards accepted.

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    Invoices and payments under one view.

    All invoices and payments are under one WikiPro dashboard. Customize, send and review payment status right on your phone.

Multiple ways to Pay

Each business has its own custom payment link. Company page link is customized with your company logo, phone and address. Our system gives your customers a secure, convenient way to pay.


text to pay

You send a text and get paid


add custom payment link to your web site

The custom payment is a secure payment link that can be added to your web page header or footer.


add to email signature

You can add the custom payment payment link to your email message or email signature.


Send invoices via text and get paid by Credit card or ACH.

WikiPro lets you customize your invoices, send invoices via texting right through your business line.
Customers find WikiPro's "Text to Pay" function to be the most efficient way to pay their invoice. They simply click on a link sent by you, input their credit card information, and pay their invoices on the go.
If you want to increase your collections rate, increase more on-time payments, please try WikiPro's "Text to Pay" feature today.

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What are some of the advantages of using WikiPro's "Text to Pay" feature?

Customers today demand a mobile experience when it comes to delivering product and services. Have a complete and true mobile experience based on texting is key to get timely messages across with a personal touch. Getting invoices sent and paid through texting is the best and most efficient way to increase your collections rate. WikPro's "Text to Pay" feature tracks all invoices and payments. Everything is paid and nothing is lost.

How do I set up payments?

Setup a merchant account at Goto WikiPro's payments page, click on “Connect Stripe” and follow the instructions on the screen. The entire process takes just a few minutes. You can start sending out invoices right away through text messaging.

How much is the credit card processing fee?

WikiPro does not charge extra fee for the credit card processing. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.3 for credit card processing fee.

What is the ACH processing fee?

WikiPro does not charge extra for ACH processing fee. ACH processing fee by Stripe is 0.8% and the maximum fee is capped at $5.

Are my customer's payments safe and secure?

We leverage Stripe's payment gateway, all information are stored at Stripe. WikiPro doesn't save any of the customer's account information. Your customers payment information are securely stored and tokenized at Stripe.

Can WikiPro manage all of my invoicing needs?

Yes, you can. You have a complete view of all invoicing and payment history on your payment dashboard. You can request, cancel, or refund payment. Try WikiPro today for 14 days free, no obligations necessary.