eSign via Text Message

WikiPro provides secure and easy-to-use digital signature feature, which allows you and your team to get important documents signed from wherever you are.

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Digital Signature Feature

multi-platform support

Send it from any device.

Digital signature feature is available on iOS, Android and Web. So it is up to you which platform you use to get your documents electronically signed from wherever you are.

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user defined templates

Create a template with ease.

WikiPro allows you to create a customized template as per your need.
Just attach a document, mark the positions for e-sign, name or pin and send it to the client.

Multiple signatures

Get multiple signatures over a document.

Our digital signature feature allows you to choose number of signers while creating a template. After that, you just need to attach a document and get those number of signatures over that document.

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seamlessly simple and secure

Easy to send. Safe to sign.

Our digital signature interface makes it easy for you to get your documents signed without any hassle. And its even easier to sign a document ,it just needs a click. WikiPro also meets high security standards so you do not need to worry about your important documents.


What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is an electronic and legal way to acquire a person's approval or consent over a document shared digitally.

Are digital signatures safe?

Security is our top priority. Therefore, if you are going to use a digital signature, you can rest assured and trust it to do any procedure.

How does WikiPro digital signature work?

We have a simple and easy to use digital signature feature. User can create a template, attach a document to be signed and send it to the client. The client uses our app to sign it and send it back.

Can I trust a document that has an e-signature?

Of course. A digital signature is a valid and legal mode of signing a document, and it is very difficult to be falsified.