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Say "Goodbye" to No-shows!


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Wikipro’s “Text to Remind” Appointment Reminder feature

Say “Goodbye” to No-shows

Scheduling a meeting with your client is a great sign that your client is interested in buying your products and using your services. But sometimes customers forget to show up or don’t remember the appoint time and place. WikiPro Appointment Reminders help eliminate no-shows and late arrivals by up to 90%.
WikiPro’s appointment reminder can send automated reminders to your clients via text messaging, emails and calls. 
Schedule your appointment reminders right on our powerful web based dashboard. There’s no app to install. Try WikiPro today.

How to setup automatic reminders on WikiPro?

  1. 1
    Setup you reminder by selecting the day and time.
    Enter a description of your appointment, add an address or phone number. Maybe a video conference link.
  2. 2
    WikiPro will send automated reminders to your client on the preset day and time.
    WikiPro will text, email or phone call the preset reminders to your clients. It is completely automated.
  3. 3
    Setup your next appointment reminder...
    WikiPro makes it simple and intuitive to send reminders to eliminate no-shows or late shows.


What are the benefits of automated appointment reminders?

We all enjoy meeting reminders from our calendar tools, it helps us to show up to meetings on time and manage our time. Imagine having these meeting reminders to remind your clients to show up to your appointment right in their mobile phones via text messaging? WikiPro's "Text to Remind" feature automatically sent out key information such as meeting location, phone number or virtual meeting links via text to your clients at a predefined reminder time. This helps you to eliminate no shows and late shows. Clients nowadays are very busy and distracted. Reminding them via text messaging is the best way to get them to show up to your appointments and help you close that sale. Check out how WikiPro can help you eliminate no shows and late shows. Try our product 14 days with no obligation. Check our our affordable pricing.

How do I setup an appointment reminder?

First, setup a calendar and a reminder. You can give your reminder a nick name. Provide a description with address, phone number, virtual conference link. Then set the appointment time and select the number of minutes or hour to send an automated reminder to your client via text, email or a call.

Could I program multiple calendars and reminders?

Yes. You can program up to 5 separate calendars with our professional package.

Does WikiPro sync with my Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar?

Yes. Our calendars can be synced with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar. It's as easy as clicking on the Outlook or Sign in with Google button in the Calendar settings. Try WikiPro for 14 days, free, no obligation necessary.