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WikiPro vs. Competitors

April 8, 2021 in Marketing

WikiPro vs. Competitors

We get clients ask us the main competitive advantages of WikiPro vs our competitors. The answer is simple. We are the most feature rich business texting platform in the world. Our business messaging, reviews, invoice and payment, appoint reminder, e-sign and video chat functionality are some of the best and most reliable features compare to all of our competitors.

Who’s behind WikiPro?

WikiPro is an Orange County, California based customer engagement as a service company with the best in class business texting solution. WikiPro was founded by two entrepreneurs with a passion for technology and customer service. Founded in 2016, WikiPro has seen a tremendous growth over the past 5 years.

WikiPro Features vs. Competitor

Standard business texting features:
1. Landline texting. Businesses can use their existing office line to receive text messages.
2. MMS Message. Businesses can send and receive text (SMS) and pictures/documents (MMS).
3. Keywords. Keywords can be used to trigger a specific text response when a customer responds with those keywords. For example, “pizza” can be use as a keyword. You can send customers an automated response with a link for customers to order pizza. This feature comes standard with any WikiPro plan. However, you have to pay more for this feature with other competitors.
4. Auto response. Auto response is used when you want to respond immediately with an automated message. You can use this when you are are out of office or want to send your customers with a link to your FAQ web page. This feature is standard with any WikiPro plan. You will have to pay more with other competitors.
5. Scheduled message. Send message(s) at a predefined later date or time. This is another standard feature with WikiPro
6. Templates. Templates are pre-canned text messages that can be sent as a response. Welcome message, addresses and directions, etc. are some of examples of canned messages that you pick and send as a templated response.
7. Campaign manager. Campaigns are used to send messages to a group of customers. This is a standard feature with WikiPro. Our competitors charges more for this feature.
8. “Text to Pay”. Request payment by text message is easy with WikiPro. Send invoice and have customers pay by credit card right over a text. This feature comes standard with WikiPro. Our competitors charges an additional fee for this awesome feature.

Our competitors do not have the following premium features in the system. Period.

Premium WikiPro features:

1. Private Comment. Private comment allows your team members to send private messages right in the chat stream not visible to the customers.
2. Full Messages Text Search. WikiPro has a full message search feature. Our competitors don’t have this feature.
3. Contact Search Prefetch. WikiPro searches your contact list as soon as you start typing.
4. File Sharing. WikiPro allows businesses and customers to share documents with a drag and drop function through texting.
5. “Text to Reviews”. Request a review right through text messaging. Send a text and get a Google/Facebook/Yelp review. You can manage and respond to your online reviews right in WikiPro’s dashboard.
6. “Text to Video Chat”. Send a text and start a video chat with your customers without installing any apps.
7. “Text to Remind”. WikiPro’s automated appointment reminder allows business to set up multiple calendars, sync with the Outlook calendar and send automated reminders through text messaging.
8. Task management. Review and organize everything, and keep track of your conversations with your customers.

WikiPros Pricing vs. Others

There are typically 4 different plans from Basic, Standard, Premium to Enterprise.

Annual pricing comparison:

Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Competitor $25 $49 $99 TBD
WikiPro $25 $50 $100

Monthly pricing comparison:

Basic /Standard Premium Enterprise
Competitor $30 $60 $125 TBD
WikiPro $30 $60 $120

Keep in mind that features such as keywords, auto response, scheduled message, and campaign manager are all standard with WikiPro.

Why WikiPro is the clear choice:

WikiPro offers a complete business texting solution with more features than our competitors with the same competitive pricing. If you are looking for a full featured solution without paying extra for key features, WikiPro is the clear choice. And we have a friendly and personable staff that are willing to help at anytime. Do your own research, send a text to 626-243-2796 for a free demo.

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