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The Zipwhip alternative: Zipwhip software shutdown

October 28, 2021 in Marketing

The Zipwhip alternative: Zipwhip software shutdown

Zipwhip has been in the headlines for the past few months. Twilio bought Zipwhip for $850M in July. It is happy times. Everyone thinks Zipwhip turns to a new chapter. All of sudden, they dropped an 800-pound gorilla that Zipwhip will be shutdown in 2022. Here is the original announcement per Zipwhip:

Zipwhip story

Zipwhip has been a leader in the business text market for years. Zipwhip pioneers the landline texting in the industry.  Business text is just the best and preferred communication channel for businesses.

It is not unusual for big company to buy a small company and shut down the business. It is hard to speculate what happened to Zipwhip. See similar question raised in Quora.

Zipwhip decision leaves many customers strangled.This is a complete shutdown which means after your current service expires, the system will go dark.

If you are one of the Zipwhip customers, what are you going to do?

Find a Zipwhip alternative! Per the Zipwhip announcement, Zipwhip platform will terminate in 2022, meaning all of your contacts and your conversations will be gone in 2022. You have to act soon before all your business data is gone.

WikiPro is one of the best Zipwhip alternatives

WikiPro has much more features than Zipwhip with competitive pricing.

Zipwhip is a legacy business text platform. WikiPro has most advanced technology and offers similar business text feature.

In addition, we have the following features which Zipwhip does not offer:

Text to reviews: send a text and get online reviews. Manage Google/Facebook reviews within WikiPro platform.

SMS surveys: send a text and conduct NPS survey.

E-signature via text: text to e-signature and get important PDF document signed in 30 seconds.

SMS automated appointment reminder: appointment reminder via text to remind. Reduce no show.

Video chat: chat face to face without App download.

SMS share files: share documents with your customers.

Search: WikiPro offers full text search for chat messages and instant search for all contacts.

SMS payment: send a text, get paid.

WikiPro allow you to use your business landline to send and receive texts, generate more leads through our SMS chat widget, get more Google and Facebook reviews, conduct surveys, share documents, have face to face video chat and finally get paid quickly. WikiPro omnichannel allows you send text message or email in the same platform. So all of your customers communication stays in one place.

How to switch to WikiPro?

It is very easy to switch from Zipwhip to WikiPro.

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Download your contacts from Zipwhip as CSV file
  3. Import the contact to WikiPro
  4. Enable your landline number for texting in WikiPro

It is time for Zipwhip customers to find alternative before it is too late. The team at WikiPro welcomes Zipwhip customers to call this a new home. Text us at 626-289-4300 for free demo.

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