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The ultimate questions and answers for Zipwhip customers

May 3, 2022 in Marketing

The ultimate questions and answers for Zipwhip customers

Over the last few months, we have got a lot of questions from anxious Zipwhip customers.

Here are the top 10 questions and answers:

1. When will Zipwhip shut down?

Here are a few important dates of Zipwhip shut down:

a) Starting April 30th, 2022, you will no longer to make account change of Zipwhip, which include change, upgrade or downgrade your Zipwhip plan.

b) On Nov 30th, 2022, Zipwhip is officially shut down, which means all of your login, message logs and accounts will be permanently lost. You can not log into Zipwhip system after this date.

2. How long does it take to cancel Zipwhip plan?

You need to give 30 days notice. So please do not wait till the middle of your subscription to cancel, as you will have to pay two extra months to cancel your service. You have to email [email protected] to cancel your service. There does not appear a phone number to call for cancellation.

3. Does Zipwhip have a replacement from Twilio?
No. Twilio does not have a product to replace Zipwhip. You are on your own to find an alternative.

4. Can WikiPro work similar to Zipwhip?

Yes, WikiPro has all of the features of Zipwhip. The main feature of Zipwhip is to allow team members to send and receive text messages in a common inbox. The other feature is to use the business landline number for texting. WikiPro supports both features.

In addition, WikiPro has other products such as Chat Widget, Text to Reviews, SMS to Pay, SMS Appointment Reminders, SMS NPS Survey, SMS E-Sign and more.

5. Can I import my contacts from Zipwhip to WikiPro?

Yes, you can batch import your Zip whip contacts using a CSV file to WikiPro. This process is very straight forward. If you have trouble import, please feel free to contact us.

6. How long does it take to sign up WikiPro?

It takes two minutes. Sign up for a free trial at

7. How long does it take to enable my business landline?

It takes two hours if you set up the business landline texting in our system during business days.

8. What about multiple lines?

WikiPro Enterprise plan has the multiple lines feature, which is similar to Zipwhip. As an enterprise plan customer, you’ll be able to manage the messaging for the different lines. The line switch experience is quite similar to Zip whip.

9. Can you match the Zipwhip pricing?

WikiPro pricing is similar to Zipwhip. However, we are two different systems and the price plan may vary for your company. Please look at our pricing page for details.

10. What are the differences between WikiPro and the other providers? 

WikiPro offers the best solution in terms of feature, easy of use and price. The other provider charges you $289 per month for the basic plan. WikiPro plan is more affordable and the price should be in line with your existing Zipwhip subscription.

You can book a 15 minutes free demo with WikiPro:
WikiPro 15 Minutes Free Demo

Final advice, you need to act now to find an alternative. Do not wait till the last minutes as you are not alone.


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