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Text to Video Chat for Business Owners

December 10, 2020 in Product

Text to Video Chat for Business Owners

We all know that video chats are all the rage right now. During this pandemic, video conferencing is our new way of life. Many people are using popular video conference programs to conduct face to face businesses.

For a business owner, when wanting to talk with someone face to fact, they use whatever video conferencing software at their disposal. However, these video conferencing tools require app install and doesn’t have any other features.

On the other hand, WikiPro requires no app installation, and recently introduced the video chat feature that is easy to use along with many other helpful tools.

Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, comparing that to just 20% of all emails.  Additionally, on average it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text whereas it takes 90 minutes to respond to an email.

WikiPro video chat is simple to use. There is no App to install, no software to learn. Anyone with a mobile phone can do it.

Here’s an example: Welcome realtor Joe. Joe knows that his clients love texting. In fact, that’s his #1 communication channel. Previously he used his personal mobile phone to send texts when communicating with customers. After he signs up for WikiPro, he can now use his realtor office number to send and receive text messages to customers. He no longer needs to sacrifice his personal privacy for texting, which is a win for Joe.

With the WikiPro video chat feature, he can now show the houses to his clients with a live video. Joe just needs to click the “video chat” button before a link gets texted to his customer. His customer joins the video conference by clicking the link. His clients love the video chat as this is a live video that’s accessed with just one touch. Joe can close the deal more quickly.

Another example is accountant Mary. Mary loves to use the video chat feature with her clients for important tax consultation matters. Video chat is essential as her clients can no longer visit her office. There are certain confidential discussions on complicated tax matters requiring face to face interaction. WikiPro’s video chat feature comes to the rescue with this dilemma, as her clients can join conference calls without having to install any software. It is simple and easy to use.

Here is accident attorney Dennis. Dennis uses WikiPro so his potential customers can text MMS (pictures) on the car accident photos to his office number. He can decide whether to take the cases based on the pictures. With the video chat feature, he can texts his clients during a conversation and switch to face to face chat when necessary. Dennis can get a lot accomplished with WikiPro, the all-in-one business texting platform.

There are numerous use cases for WikiPro video to video chat product. Text us at 626-243-2796 for a free demo. Or visit to sign up a free trial.



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