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Text Chat Widget

August 4, 2020 in Product

Text Chat Widget

Chat widget, also known as live chat widget, is quite popular in websites nowadays. Live chat widgets are most often used when a site visitor has a question that they want answered quickly. 

People come to your website for various reasons. They might want to buy from you, need help with a product or service they’ve already purchased, or just browse. Regardless of why they’re there, you have an opportunity to engage with them and give them a great experience with live chat.

The live chat widget has a serious limitation. Customers can chat with a live agent and close the browser. When that happens, there is no way to get the customers back.

Some live chat widgets require users to enter emails. However, email is much worse in delivery and response rate. Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, comparing that to just 20% of all emails.  Additionally, on average it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email.

Text chat widget solves the limitation. This chat widget uses text message, meaning that all messages are sent to customers mobile phone. Even if the web page is closed, you can still get a hold of the customer.

This has a few benefits:
1. The chat stays on a customer’s phone even if they close the web site. With the traditional chat widget, this is not the case. When a customer closes the browser, that’s the end of the chat history. 

2. It’s more convenient to the customers if they can communicate with the company on a mobile phone. 

3. It’s better for businesses as they can get a hold of the customer with their mobile number.

Text chat widget is simply a better way for customer service. The text chat widget has a much higher response rate than a traditional chat widget.

If you would like to convert your website visitors into a customer, you can simply integrate WikiPro text chat widget into your website. This is provided for all of our paid users without extra costs.

It’s easy to integrate WikiPro chat widget. You can cut and paste a piece of code into your website. There is no programming knowledge required. If you have difficulty installing the widget, please contact us and we’ll help you set it up. Here is the screen where you can set up the chat widget:

Give it a try. Sign up for a free two weeks trial, no credit card required.

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