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Team Chats

January 20, 2023 in Product

Team Chats

As an Omnichannel messaging platform which consists of SMS, email, and Google messaging, WikiPro enables a small business owner to serve existing customers and win new customers. This tool has been a life saver for many small business owners, as the messaging platform focuses on communication between small business owners and the customers.

Despite these uses, there is a gap. We are missing the messaging platform within the business organization itself. We have been asked by our customers to implement a team chat feature, which allows the small business owners to use one platform to deal with all of the messaging: either it is external or internal chat.

In response to customer feedbacks, WikiPro has newly implemented a team chat feature. What is team chat? Team chat is an instant messaging software that lets your team communicate openly to collaborate on work.

There are other team chat softwares such as Slack or Microsoft Team. However, WikiPro team chat provides the most frequently used team chat features.

Here are the steps to use team chat feature:
1. Add a channel
In teamchats menu, click the plus (+) icon, and the following dialogue will be opened. You can name the channel and add all of your team members to it.

2. Start the chat

Then click on the channel to the left. Now, you can start the message:

Your team member shall get the instant messages with images, files, emojis, and more. When a new message arrives, a push notification will be received.

Team chat is an essential tool for organization productivity.

WikiPro is not here to compete with the bells and whistles of other team chat products; WikiPro is here to solve small business owners’ specific communication and CRM gaps.

For customers, they do not need to install another App to contact businesses. WikiPro is SMS first communication platform, as SMS works well with customers. Small businesses have been enjoying our additional features such as text to review, text to pay, IRS compliant e-signature module, survey, campaigns, flows, keywords, and more.

For team members, our team chat product helps small businesses avoid paying for another expensive teamchat software. To add onto this, our team chat helps small business owners streamline all internal and external communications under one platform.

We wish all customers a happy new year. Please refer our system to your family and friends. Thank you!



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