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SMS VS. App Message

April 25, 2020 in Product

SMS VS. App Message

In the last blog, we talked about SMS VS. Email for business to customer communication. SMS is the winner.

In this blog, we’ll compare SMS vs. App Message.

If SMS is so effective, why would we need app messages for communication? Why would people use Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat, Line?

WikiPro is an all-in-one communication platform with SMS for business texting, app messaging via the WikiPro mobile app, and email.

Here is the big plus with SMS for business texting: there is no need to download another app. It’s simple; it’s already on. Everyone knows how to text. This is why businesses are using SMS more & more.

But there is a catch. The cost. SMS is not free. It costs money to send out text messages. If you send out lots of texts, the bill can pile up.

On the other hand, if you need to have frequent communication with your customers, you can ask them to install the free WikiPro iOS or the Android mobile app. The app installation takes one minute, and you can send unlimited messages to your customers for free.

There are many benefits for App messages:

  • More convenient. App messaging has the same look and feel as WhatsApp, and is more convenient and engaging. Once your customers use it, they will keep on sending you messages.
  • Read receipt. You’ll know when your messages are read by customers. This is a nice feature as you no longer guess whether the message is read.
  • Upload multiple files. With the app, you and your customers can upload multiple files at a time.
  • Industry specific app add-on. If you are an accountant, the App payroll and bookkeeping features are just handy to save both you and your customers valuable time.

Here is a summary of the comparison:

SMSApp Message
Cost MoneyYesNo
Need to Install WikiPro AppNoYes
Read ReceiptNoYes
Upload multiple imagesNoYes
Video ChatNoYes
Industry Specific FeatureNoYes

Which one should I use for my business: SMS or app messages? This depends on your customer communication use case. If your customers communication is not frequent, pick SMS. Otherwise, pick app message. Or you can also use both. When your customers are added into WikiPro, our system creates two default topics: one is SMS, the other is for App message.

Check out WikiPro for more details.

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