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Recruiter Communication with Job Seeker

December 21, 2020 in Marketing

Recruiter Communication with Job Seeker

These days are definitely the most challenging ones when it comes to job search. Thousands of people are trying to adapt to the new reality. After the pandemic started, not only our daily routine changes unbelievably, but also our typical steps on the way to get a new job had some significant changes. Let’s take a look at these phenomenal swaps that happened within the last few months and analyze how it all has affected us.

The first thing to be mentioned is the online interviews. They conquered our routine interview process and influenced all the possible realms of the hiring process. Most Fortune 500 companies are conducting interviews via video chat and we are doing the same at WikiPro. These days I can imagine myself having a 4-step interview process somewhere in the office, spending hours in traffic and meeting all these workers in the company greeting you and offering a cup of tea/coffee. Now it is surrealism as all the talks/tests during the hiring process are hosted online. 

If the recruiter is interested in further cooperation, they just set another interview-event in your calendar app and you get yourself ready 5 minutes before the call to make it on time. 

On the one hand, it simplified the process and eliminated some hidden costs ( on transport, as an example), as well as released a few hours of yours in a day.

Basically, you can schedule your interviews any time you want as you are working remotely and there is no need to get up extra-early or spend extra-hours after work for talks with recruiters. You may do it during the day, and that is the awesome benefit of zoom, right?

The other thing in regards to recruitment communication with job seekers that changed even before the coronavirus outbreak is the consumption of information from social networks. Now it is a regular thing when a recruiter adds you to Linkedin even before the first call. A lot of companies start using different communication platforms – the one is business texting for recruiter. It’s quite obvious that the new generation of people prefer texting rather than calling. Without a texting number, the recruiter won’t be able to get in touch with the vast majority of job seekers.

The benefits of WikiPro are:

  • job seeker has no need to install any App
  • job seeker can reply back with text messages
  • WikiPro has other marketing features to help recruiters to be more effective

Overall, our world is experiencing so many changes in all spheres, including work life.  It’s hard to be objective and analyze all of them without any prejudice as we all have some real-life examples of going through problems related to the topic. So, the only thing I want you to assure you of – we are all capable of adapting and will definitely get the best out of new terms. Let’s move smart and quick!

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