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Email and Cold Call are Dead

May 25, 2021 in Marketing

Email and Cold Call are Dead

Let’s face it, emails are dead. Think of the number of emails you receive everyday. How often do you check them? How quickly do you respond to them?

Cold calls are dead. Most people have an abundance of voice mails that they do not bother to check.

If you are a business owner, you may have found yourself frustrated using email and phone call. You spend so much time and get very little in return. It seems as if you just can not get ahold of customers. Customers are frustrated too, they expect to get a response from you but never fulfill the connection. It is a lose – lose situation for everybody involved.

Let’s get some stats on emails:

  1. 306.4 billion emails were sent in 2020.
  2. 121 business emails are sent and received each day
  3. 18% open rate. Email open rate is the percentage of the total number of subscribers who opened an email campaign.
  4. 1% of response rate.  The average cold email response rate is 1%, which means out of every 100 emails sent, only 1 will be opened.
  5. 47.3% of emails are marked as spam in year 2020. See details at

Every one is busy. Most get hundreds of emails per day with half of them being spam. This leads people to ignore most emails. More often than not, this means your important email to your customer becomes hidden along with the rest.

Now let’s take a look at phone call stats:
  1. 294M cell phone users in USA.
  2. 26.3 billion of robocalls were placed in 2018.
  3. 215 calls per month, Thea average person receives 114 calls and makes 101 calls every month.
  4. 52% of all calls received are answered
  5. 70% of calling numbers that are “saved in contacts” are answered

See more details on this page.

The key take away is that unless the contact is in the receiver’s cell phone, the receiver is likely not going to answer the phone. Additionally, phone calls often interrupt a person’s daily flow. It is difficult to manage being on a phone call while also working on something else. No wonder businesses are turning away from cold phone call. See

The fact is, emails and phone calls are not effective in obtaining customers. So what can business owners do?


Everyone texts. So should your business.

Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%.  And on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text.

SMS is much more effective compared to emails or phone calls.

Furthermore, customers have mobile phone on hand meaning SMS/texting is always on. SMS never catches one off-guard, and doesn’t interrupt daily flow. It’s the preferred way of communication between family and friends. Texting is also appealing because it is personal and convenient.

There is little doubt that SMS is more effective than Phone orEmail. Business owners may already use their personal mobile phone to send SMS to customers. Though there is nothing wrong with this, using personal phones for SMS has a few inherit limitations:

  • Lack of Convenience. It is hard to send text to hundreds of customers with a small device.
  • Lack of Security. If your business associates use their personal cell phone for business contact, the business contacts go with them.
  • Lack of Accessibility. The information can not be accessed by other team members. If a business has a few employees, your team can not easily find client information on one personal cell phone.

WikiPro business texting solves the personal cell phone SMS issue. It allows business owners easily to text, engage & convert their customers.


  • Landline textingWikiPro enables your existing landline number for SMS texting. Your landline number is your business identity. Your customers can either call or text with the same number.
  • Shared Inbox: WikiPro allows for shared messages and replies across a team via shared inbox.
  • Private commentWikiPros allows for quicker decisions with in-line discussions within customer messages.


  • Text to Review: Looking for the best way to secure more Google/Facebook review? WikiPros has the solution. You send a text to your customers linked to your review page, and with just one click they can leave you a review. Also, we offer a review widget, review management tools for SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Text to E-sign: Due to an email’s slow response, it is much faster to get document signed via text. You send a text, the PDF document gets signed under 30 seconds.
  • Set up SMS appointment reminder: WikiPro allows you to set up multiple calendars, appointments, and automated SMS appointment reminders for both your team and your customers.


  • Text to payWhen it comes time to convert the customer, you need to get paid quickly. WikiPro solves this problem with the text-to-pay feature.

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