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Business SMS Trend

December 30, 2020 in Marketing

Business SMS Trend

In a few days, we are entering a new year, 2021.

First, I would like to thank our customers for doing businesses with WikiPro. We appreciate your support and suggestions.

Business SMS began gaining momentum during 2020 alongside a global pandemic, with many businesses struggling to survive. Everyone is advised to practice social distancing. As of a result, people have changed certain habits and contactless social interaction is now mainstream.

Consumers Are Texting More and More.

What is business SMS? Business SMS is a software allowing businesses to text customers. The vast majority of Americans – 96% – now own a cellphone of some kind. Pretty much everyone knows how to text.

For many businesses, it is vital to keep contact with the customers. But how? Customers are reluctant to answer phones, and slow to reply to emails. Text/SMS remains the #1 communication channel for business to customer communication. Everyone texts. So should your business.

There are a few companies offering business text solutions. The products offer business texting so businesses can send and receive texts (SMS) or documents (MMS). However, the products are limited to business texting only. WikiPro has more than business texting, with a lot of other products to help marketing & sales of businesses.

WikiPro is an All-in-one Business Texting Platform.

  • WikiPro enables businesses to use their existing business phone number to send and receive texts, without affecting their current phone system. This is a game changer as it is vital to keep business phone numbers unchanged for text. A business phone number is like an identity for the business itself. If a customer receives a text from a random number, the customer can be suspicious.
  • Text to video chat. Video chat with your customers via text. Chat face to face without App installation.
  • Text to reviews. Send a text and get Google/Facebook online reviews. More reviews, more sales.
  • Text to pay. Request payment from customers by sending text messages. Get paid quicker!
  • Text to e-sign. WikiPro provides secure and easy-to-use digital signature feature, which allows you and your team to get important documents signed from wherever you are with just a click.
  • Text to chat widget. Capture leads directly from your website, and converts visitors via the convenience of text messaging. This is better than traditional chat widgets as you get a customer’s mobile phone number for texting.

WikiPro has Build-in Marketing Tools Such as Campaigns, Keywords, Auto Reply.

  • Campaign. Campaign is useful to send out batch text messages to a group of customers. Instead of sending messages one by one, campaign can allow one to send SMS out to messages in batch mode. It is to be noticed that there are restrictions in place to prevent spam. You should only use campaign when it is legit and you shall not send campaign too often and too quickly.
  • Keywords. Keywords work like a directory of the products or services offered by the business. For example, you can have a keyword “direction” so customers can get your business driving directions by sending a text “direction” to your office phone number.
  • Auto Reply. Auto reply is a pre-written message that can be automatically returned when a customer texts you between designated times, typically during off hours or vacation.

Good bye 2020, it’s time to look forward to 2021. We’re all hopeful that it’ll be a better year, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be the best year for business SMS.


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