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7 business text tools to grow your business

June 10, 2021 in Product

7 business text tools to grow your business

The above chart shows 7 business text tools to grow your business. Let’s explore each tool.

#1 Text your customers

WikiPro allows you to text your customer with your existing business phone number. The phone number can be either a landline, toll free number, or VOIP number. However, it can not be your mobile phone number. Customers see your existing phone number as your business identify, and text establishes direct communication between you and your customer.

Once your landline is text enabled, your customer can send you a text too. WikiPro text is two way conversational text and occurs in real time.

One more thing: WikiPro’s chat widget is not the same as those traditional widgets. WikiPro chat widget captures your customers’ mobile phone number. When they close the web browser, you will still be able to communicate through text.

#2 Text appointment reminder

No show is a big issue. SMS Appointment reminder can fix this.

WikiPro has calendar feature, which is further synced with Microsoft outlook.

For business owners, it is easy to set up appointment in WikiPro. You can set up multiple calendars for your business. The appointment is displayed in a multi calendar scheduler.

When an appointment is made, a SMS confirmation is sent to the customer. An hour before the actual appointment, our system sends out an automated appointment reminder.

#3 Text to E-sign

E-signature has been popular these days. But there is a problem: the e-sign is delivered by email. Emails have a  20% open rate and it takes hours for most to respond.

WikiPro text to E-sign is different. It is built in within our business text platform. It is simple, convenient and much more effective. It allows documents to be signed within 30 seconds.

It’s as easy as picking a customer, clicking the “Send Signature” button, picking a PDF file, setting the signature location and sending out a text. Your customer then receives a notification on his or her phone and clicks on the text to get the document E-signed.

#4 Text to share files

For business owners, it is a common task to share files with customers. As you are already in a conversational text, it is natural to share docs with your clients.

You can send documents to your customers.

You can send a share file link to have your customers to upload documents to you.

Once your customers receive the sharefile link, they can drag and drop files.

All files are organized in the same chat room and a built in filter allows the option to display files only.

#5 Text to video chat

During the pandemic, many have turned to online video calls. However, these often can be hassles to those who don’t already have an account.

This is especially true for the less tech savvy people. WikiPro solves this through its built in video chat, which is initiated by sending a text message link to your customer. Your customer clicks on the video chat link to join you on a face to face call, which also allows for screen sharing.

#6 Text to review / survey

Google, Facebook or Yelp reviews are super important to a business’s success. Reviews are one of the important factors to rank your business in Google, Facebook or Yelp.

If you want to improve the ranking of your business in search engine, you have to have a lot of positive reviews.

Text to review makes this very easy to obtain more reviews.  You send a text to your customers linked to your review page, and with just one click they can leave you a review.

In addition, we offer a review widget, review management tools for SEO (search engine optimization).

#7 Text to pay

Your business has done some great work. Now it’s time to get paid.

Text to pay is becoming the next big method of payment. Why? Snail mail invoice is too slow. Emails are often left unread. Phone calls to ask for payment take precious time and people often don’t answer the phone.

Our text to pay solution includes credit card payment or ACH pay (bank transfer). It is easily configurable.

WikiPro payment solution can link to your bank account. Once someone pays you, you can set up the next day fund transfer.

In conclusion, the text tools work like a closed loop: text, engage & convert. Whether you want to grow your local business reviews, or capture new leads, or deal with customer support, or get paid, there is a tool for you.

WikiPro is the All-in-one business text platform.

Text “DEMO” to 626-243-2796 for a free demo today.



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